Paving Seal Coating Crack Sealing Patching Chip Sealing
Rubber Asphalt
Fabric Over Concrete Site Development Dust Control

• Potholes
• Depressed areas
• Cracks look like alligator skin

• Able to repair only the failed
• Avoid costlier repairs
• Can be completed quickly

Patching is an excellent option
when things are looking rough on the
surface, but the underlying base is
still in good shape. At Cactus, the
first thing we’ll determine is if patching is the right solution for you. If so, what kind of patch do you need? Depending on the condition of your asphalt, your Project Manager will recommend one of these two options:

Skin Patch: If your asphalt still has some life to it, we’ll apply a unique skin patch to replace lost surface aggregate over the affected areas.

Full Depth Patch: If the asphalt can’t be repaired, then we’ll recommend a full depth patch. That means we remove the section of asphalt that’s deteriorated, and replace it with new. Some companies might come in with a jackhammer and leave you with a bumpy, uneven patch. Our Cactus crew will saw-cut the area and completely remove the old asphalt before we re-pour. The results? A clean, smooth surface.

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